Spaceman is one of the latest crash sweethearts of many players and reviews sites. This is what has prompted us to take a dive into what makes it special and whether it is really worth all the hype. A certain degree of involvement in recent e-gaming would see you have considerable knowledge of crash games. In fact, chances are you are already hooked on them – and rightly so. They can be so much fun, easily taking you to the moon and back right in front of your screen. Indeed, that is the literal concept behind Pragmatic Play’s shiny new game, Spaceman. Come with us!

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Game Mechanics and Rules

The Spaceman game sports the most basic concepts of crash gaming. It involves a character that starts moving, with the multiplier increasing the farther they go. In this case, our subject of interest is a humanoid character dressed in an elaborate spacesuit – the spaceman. The spaceman takes off and strives to soar as high as possible into space before crashing. The farther the spaceman goes, the greater the bet multiplier gets. 

The moment of gameplay from Spaceman

Where the spaceman’s journey ends is key to the outcome of the game. If you cash out before the spaceman crashes, you win the round. If not, you lose. On rare occasions, the spaceman can get to the end of the game, which is signified at the maximum 5000x multiplier. The point at which the spaceman crashes is determined randomly by the game’s algorithm. As such, it is practically impossible for you to accurately predict or even strategize for beating the game mechanics. 

Characteristics of Spaceman

DeveloperPragmatic Play
Release DateMarch 2022
Min Cashout Multiplierx1.01
Min Bet$1
Max Bet$100
Max Profitx5000 or $500,000
Provably Fair

Payout Rates and Multipliers

Going over the game mechanics and rules, you might fancy your chances at making away with a significant cashout from the Spaceman casino game. But should you? Let us see.

Spaceman has an average RTP of 95.5%, which is a very acceptable figure for any online casino game. RTPs around this range are quite common for crash games, and Spaceman is not an exception.

The multiplier says all you need to know about it. Getting up to 5000x on Spaceman is a mouthwatering prospect that beats many other games of its kind. That means you can win a minimum of $5000 if you are lucky enough to wait the game out to the highest multiplier, with $1 being the lowest possible bet. The highest bet is $100, which makes the highest possible win $500,000.

Provider Reputation

Sometimes it is not just about what the game offers, but also about who offers the game. In light of this, we will be putting the providers behind Spaceman under the microscope to get a hint of what quality to expect.

Spaceman is the brainchild of the e-gaming powerhouse, Pragmatic Play. Established in 2015, the company is certified and licensed in over 20 jurisdictions, including Malta, Gibraltar, and the Isle of Man.

Logo of Pragmatic Play

These are some of the most powerful e-gaming licenses in the world, and they connote a high level of trust in Pragmatic Play’s standing and quality.

Spaceman’s Pragmatic Play also supports gaming in all major languages and currencies, with services across slots, live casino, bingo, virtual sports, and sports betting. 

Pros and Cons

Earlier on, this review promised an assessment as to whether the Spaceman slot is worth the experience. This part consequently aggregates the information acquired into positives and negatives for the game, weighing it side-by-side.

To begin with, you can count on the fact that Spaceman offers you a superb gaming experience with immersive graphical technology. The game offers a highly competitive RTP and delightful multiplier, increasing your chances of making a big win. Additionally, the game has added features, such as Auto Cashout and Cashout 50%, that facilitate easy play.

However, Spaceman carries a considerable risk of losses, as all casino games do. Moreover, the randomness of the game mechanics makes it solely down to luck rather than skill. Additionally, its simplistic nature makes it easy to get addicted.


  • Cool graphic design.
  • 50% Cashout feature.


  • Avarage RTP.
  • No valid license.
  • Game isn’t Provably Fair.

Design Choices and User Experience

One of the biggest appeals online casino games have are the bone-rattling visuals and immersion. However, Spaceman stands as a leader among equals in this case. The game aptly reflects Pragmatic Play’s knack for scintillating visuals, deploying a dominant dark theme typical of space. The darkness alternates between blue (during the countdown and after concluding the round), purple (during the game), and red (when the spaceman crashes) – moving you along with the pace of the game. The spaceman is in the middle of the screen, with the multiplier above him as a moon. He is also surrounded by stars, planets, asteroids, and other aesthetics to truly take you out of this world.

Loose screen in Spaceman game

The base of the interface has a dashboard design where you can place your bets and set your autoplay and auto-cashout parameters. A section also keeps track of data, such as leaderboards and betting records. During the gameplay, the never-before-seen 50% cashout option appears, which allows players to cash out 50% of their winnings and automatically enter the next round with the remaining 50%.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Reviewing Spaceman has been a boatload of fun. It is a true masterpiece from Pragmatic Play, retaining as much simplicity as possible. Simultaneously, it also goes beyond the ordinary to take crash gaming to new heights (no pun intended). The financial side of the game is well on point. The design is sure to hit the right spots, and there is not much to complain about with the provider either. Conversely, the novel design and features could easily go from hero to villain. It takes more understanding and familiarizing compared to many other crash games, which could be a job for a Spaceman demo. Additionally, the risk of incurring losses in this game can be underrated, but it is well-placed.

At the end of the day, nothing appears in Spaceman that could be a deal breaker. The game is undoubtedly quality, and you have our blessing to jump into a Spaceman Casino today!


Victor Castillo

Gambling Expert 

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