Space XY

Space XY

Crash gaming presents a go-to option for players who want to win big from playing games that keep them on the edge of their seats. Talk about wanting the very best of both worlds. Well, crash games give that, with many priding themselves in intricate designs and creative technology. There are a few, however, that keep it concise and straightforward. One of them is Space XY, which launched in January 2022. This game has been slowly but steadily gaining traction with players and casinos alike for over a year now, enough to gain our attention. So it is only fair we examine what is its deal together.

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Game Mechanics and Rules

The review kicks off with a scrutiny of the game’s mechanics and rules. The game is driven by crash mechanics and follows the most basic principles of crash gaming to the letter. The object of interest is a simple rocket. The game follows the rocket on its journey across the diagonal length of the screen, ascending as high as possible until it explodes at a randomly generated point in the voyage. The game has a multiplier that increases as the rocket’s altitude does, and the count at the point of cashout will be multiplied by the winning player’s bet. Any player that cashes out before the rocket crashes wins, while those that “explode” with the rocket lose their bets.

The game has an autoplay feature that allows you to preset your bets and cashout points, while the double bet feature enables you to place two bets in a single round – which translates to two potential wins in a round.

Gameplay of Space XY

Characteristics of Aviatrix

Release DateJanuary 2022
Min Cashout Multiplierx1.01
Min Bet$0.2
Max Bet$25
Max Profitx10000 or $250,000
Provably Fair

Payout Rates and Multipliers

We have seen that Space XY appears to be a rather simplistic game. However, the game is in no way humble in the places that matter most. It boasts a max multiplier of 10,000x, which easily goes toe-to-toe with the biggest names in the crash gaming genre. The game allows a minimum bet of $0.2 and a maximum bet of $25. As such, a minimum bet can theoretically land you a $1000 payout, while a maximum bet could see you cash out a $250,000 sum.

The game also has an RTP of 97%, which is above the industry average. This allows it to accommodate more and bigger wins accordingly and makes it an attractive game financially.

Provider Reputation

Our review takes us to the providers behind Space XY – Bgaming. The company was founded in 2012, and its i-gaming brand was fully launched in 2018. BGaming has 100+ slot offerings, including big names like Aztec Magic. Its games are offered across 900+ casinos worldwide, with partners such as PariMatch, Betfury Casino, and BC.Game.

It is licensed and authorized by the Malta Gaming Authority, which is a highly respected license in the industry. Coming with the company’s lofty reputation are several laurels in the e-gaming community. 

Pros and Cons

The in-depth scrutiny of Space XY has borne fruit, as we can now identify the benefits of its particulars. A significant advantage this game registers is the simplicity of the game and offers a taste of crash gaming in its purest form. The game has competitive RTP and multipliers, making it one of the crash games with the best financial package. It has a very convenient betting range to accommodate portfolios of all sizes. It also has the backing and force of a solid provider, giving it an acquired boost in the industry.

On the other hand, the game may be TOO simple, not having that extra feature to give it a boost. Moreover, the design is less immersive than many of its competitors in the industry. 


  • Good RTP rate.
  • Cool graphics.


  • No auto cashout feature.
  • The game isn’t provably fair.

Design Choices and User Experience

There has been much ado about Space XY and its other features, but what experience can you expect from it exactly? To start with, the game screen is to the right of the interface. It often begins with a countdown, and the round starts once the timer hits 0 and the rocket goes off. Unlike many other games, however, this rocket is not in an intergalactic environment, but on a plain, graph-like grid. The horizontal x-axis indicates the round’s duration, while the vertical y-axis keeps track of the multiplier levels.

The left-hand side of the interface contains a leaderboard showing bets and results for the round, while the bottom of the screen houses your control panel for placing bets and setting parameters. All these bear a bright yellow theme that contrasts richly with the dark background.

Loose screen in Space XY

Conclusion and Recommendation

Our review of Space XY is done and dusted! This game from the stables of BGaming is an embodiment of simplicity. It does not matter if you prefer playing with minimum deposits or bringing out the big guns – the game has something for you. Excellent financials, awesome provider, the roller coaster thrill of crash gaming, and a full package that guarantees you the actual crash experience. However, you may have to look elsewhere if you are looking for more. Many crash games are offering new innovative features as their selling points, but Space XY sticks to the traditional game. So would you rather have the down-to-earth or the out-of-this-world?


Victor Castillo

Gambling Expert 

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