BC Game Crash

BC Game Crash

With the advent of e-gaming, you bet you will always have something to do. This is because there is always an adventure that calls you. Crash gaming offers that thrill as well as any other niche, maybe even better. The sheer delight and popularity that comes with crash gaming have birthed many different versions, some more fascinating than others. A recent addition to the ranks is BC.Game Crash, the first of its kind in the casino’s portfolio. What is this game like? What makes it stand out? Is it worth it? Let us find out together.

Game Mechanics and Rules

Our review begins with an assessment of the mechanics and rules of BC.Game’s Crash. Quite simply, it works like pretty much any other crash game. As a matter of fact, you could say that it is simpler than other crash games. The game screen follows a large dot as it moves diagonally to the top right-hand corner. A multiplier is boldly placed beneath the dot, signifying the players’ potential profits. The higher the multiplier gets, the greater the player’s potential payout is. However, the game is designed to crash at a random point in the round. To win, players must eject from the game before the crash occurs, after which their bet is multiplied by the final multiplier. You lose if the game crashes with your bet still in it.

Gameplay of crash game at BC.Game

It is the randomness of the crash that makes this game such a thrill. It can happen at any point during the game and is randomly determined by the game’s algorithm, which helps ensure results are as fair as possible. In all the glorious simplicity of this crash game, you would want to know that it has one or two never-before-seen features that would delight you more. Chief of these is the option to toggle between the ordinary Classic mode and the novel Trenball mode. Trenball is a brand new feature that allows players to wager on either of three colors – red, green, and “moon” – depending on how far they think the round will get. This mode allows slightly different wagering terms, as well as a few new interfaces to inform your decisions.

Trenball mode in BC.Game crash

Characteristics of BC.Game Crash

Release DateMarch 2018
Min Cashout Multiplierx1.01
Min Bet$0.0001 (Depends on crypto you play with)
Max BetDepends on the crypto you play
Max ProfitDepends on the crypto you play
Provably Fair

Payout Rates and Multipliers

The inspiration behind playing at online casinos is the mouth-watering financial packaging that often comes with them. In the case of BC.Game’s Crash, we have some rather topical updates to present you with. The game’s Return-to-Player ratio is an incredible 99%! That is simply amazing, going way above the industry average of 96% for crash games. 

As regards the multiplier rate, prepare for your mind to be blown. The information on the site points to a ceiling of 100,000x. This is 10x the industry average! However, the site does have provisions as regards the maximum bets and profits in the game. These vary widely from currency to currency. For instance, Bitcoin has a maximum bet of $89,652.28, and a maximum profit of $140,342.28. Ethereum has $91,095.75 and $142,182.45, respectively, while MATIC boasts $7,858.65 and $369,319.22, accordingly. This is a peculiar deviation from the usual and begs the question of how it can accommodate the sky-high multiplier offered.

The Daily Wager Contest is another feature that could be of interest. The competition features a prize pool that grows the more players bet. At the end of the contest, the 10 highest-wagering players will receive a share of the prize pool as a cashback reward in BCD cryptocurrency. Come first, and you can obtain a mouthwatering 50% of the prize pool!

Daily Wager Contest at BC.Game


The bankroll is practically the game’s vault, being the pool of funds reserved to pay winning players. The max win per round is calculated as a percentage of the bankroll, which means a larger bankroll is a greater profit margin. 

The bankroll presents multiple earning opportunities for players. For instance, you can choose to invest with the casino to have your funds be part of the bankroll. You can even make a leveraged investment, like in cryptocurrency or forex trading. When the house makes profits, you get a portion according to your contribution to the bankroll. Same occurs when there are losses, so you have to properly assess your risk. 

Additionally, you can earn passively through the Bankroller Dilution Fee. 2% of every investment you deposit in the bankroll automatically goes to all the bankrollers that had deposits in before you. Whenever a player deposits in the bankroll after you, a share of their dilution fee also goes to you automatically.

Provider Reputation

Moving on, the next consideration of this review is the company behind this game – BC.Game. BC.Game is a crypto casino and gaming provider that has BlockDance B.V. as its parent company. It was incorporated in 2021 under a Curaçao Master Gaming license. It also has an iTech Labs RNG test certification, as well as endorsements from notable organizations like BeGambleAware.org and the Argentine Football Association. 

BC.Game is highly popular in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community due to its extensive identification and references to the technologies. The casino has about 25+ original games, which includes Crash. However, it also has 7000+ slot offerings from industry giants like Pragmatic Play and Evoplay, earning it a reputation as one of the biggest crypto casinos in the world. 

Pros and Cons

Going by the particulars of this review, a number of positives can be established in BC.Game’s Crash. The game has a simple yet thrilling progression, with a 99% RTP and 100,000x multiplier providing all the financial incentives you need. The game also features multiple modes, which allow you to switch up gameplay and provide you with even more fun. The game is also designed to be highly communal, with players getting to interact and improve their experiences. The provider also has an incredibly solid reputation in the industry, boasting a high level of trust among users as well.

On the flip side, the game’s humble graphics may not be very appealing to players of high aesthetic standards. The gaming interface may get difficult to navigate, especially if you are not yet familiar with the ropes of Trenball mode. Moreover, max winning caps are often looked upon as unfair terms in the industry, as your money won fair and square could be denied on that basis.


  • 99% RTP.
  • High max bet limits.
  • Scripts are allowed.
  • Plenty of unique feature.


  • Limited amount of fiat payment options.
  • Simple graphic design.

Design Choices and User Experience

A constant throughout the review has been that the game’s design is very simple compared to many other crash games in the industry. That would be emphasized here again. The concept is a dot traveling on a graph. The x-axis shows the time the round has gone on, while the y-axis indicates the multiplier levels. The dark, graph-themed background could be particularly appealing to players with a knack for crypto trading, as it may remind one of a trading chart. 

The right-hand side of the screen hosts the betting data of each round, while you can bet and toggle modes in the area below the game screen. A notable feature of the game is that it indicates on the screen whenever a player cashes out of the round, which can allow you to also keep track of your time in the round.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This is where we conclude our review of BC.Game’s Crash. It has surely been an enlightening journey through the game’s detailing, with one of its major selling points being its introduction of new perspectives to the crash gaming niche. It cannot be stated enough that its RTP and multiplier rates are outrageous. In fact, it would have been unbelievable if not for the strong reputation of the provider. You could consider the effect watered down, though, with the strict winning caps in the game, which is the major con. Should that be a deal-breaker for you? Maybe. However, a close investigation showed that some cryptocurrencies have wider winning margins than others. You can increase your profit margin by playing with a more accommodating currency, which would allow you to enjoy the pros while having the cons mitigated. You’re welcome!


Victor Castillo

Gambling Expert 

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