Developed back in 2019, Aviator is largely considered the first true popular crash game. This review explores what gives this game its status by measuring a variety of metrics.

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How Aviator Game Works

The first area our review will be covering is the game mechanics and how well the storyline fits. Aviator pioneered the crash game mechanics, which became the template for the entire crash niche ever since. The Aviator gameplay follows the journey of an aircraft as it takes off into the sky. The plane’s trajectory moves in an upward curve as it looks to fly as far away as possible. The curve has a multiplier attached to it. This is essential to the financial side of the game, as it determines how much your potential payout is. 

The moment of gameplay from Aviator

The multiplier increases in value and the plane flies higher into the sky. The higher the multiplier value gets, the faster it increases. The aim of the player is to place a bet before the round begins and predict what multiplier the round will end. If you can cash out their bet before then, you win and the bet amount is the multiplier value when you cashed out. If not, you lose the round and your bet.

Characteristics of Aviator

Release DateFebruary 2019
Min Cashout Multiplierx1.01
Min Bet$0.1
Max Bet$100
Max Profit$10,000
Provably Fair

The provably fair algorithm in Aviator

Aviator is one of the first games that incorporated Provably Fair technology, the revolutionary system that improves the level of trust between the player and the game. Provably Fair technology is a system that was developed to prove to players that casino games are fair. The Provably Fair Aviator algorithm is designed for the plane to escape from sight and finally fly away to signal the end of the round. The multiplier point at which the plane flies away is randomly generated to ensure the game remains fair and thrilling. Provably Fair technology allows players to verify the randomness of the game’s results when the round is over. It merges the Aviator Random Number Generator server seed and the client seeds of the first three bettors in the round into 64-bit hash. The player can verify the results from the SHA512 hash using the special calculator and the figure generated must tally with the game’s results.

Information about the round results for the Provably Fair verification in Aviator

Provably Fair Aviator Hack

Many of you probably think: “I should try to hack this system and correctly guess all the results!”. As someone who studied math and computer science at university, I assure you that this is almost impossible. Throughout the history of the algorithm’s existence, we have found only a few cases of its hacking. For example, in 2014, a hacker managed to exploit the vulnerability of PrimeDice casino and withdrew 2,400 Bitcoins, which was about $1 million. And it is worth noting that this happened due to a developer’s mistake, not a weakness of the algorithm.

As for Aviator is backed by a fairly big company with a large staff of professional developers who closely monitor all aspects of the game, as it is their flagship. Currently, there are no publicly known cases of Aviator hacks. All those who sell winning scripts or Aviator predictors are scammers! Or do you really think someone who has found a way to exploit a game will share it for 20 bucks?

Scum videos at YouTube that promote Aviator predictor

Payout Rates and Multipliers

Moving along, our review will be assessing the financials involved in the Aviatrix crash game. After all, a strong determinant of its value in gambling would be how much money is on offer. And for Aviatrix, it promises to be a lot. The game offers multipliers of up to 10,000x, which is a very competitive figure within the crash gaming niche. That means a single bet of $1 could end up churning out a sumptuous $10,000, while a maximum bet of $10 could win you a whopping $100,000! It is noteworthy, however, that it is very rare for the gaming round to hit those heights – or for most players to actually wait that long before pulling the plug. Nonetheless, even a 50x multiplier could give you fine winnings.

The RTP for Aviatrix is undisclosed, which makes it difficult to ascertain. However, it is widely believed to be around 97%, which is a very common RTP level in the crash gaming niche.

Play Aviator for Free

Considering the skepticism Aviator would possibly encounter as a relatively unknown kind of game, the developers introduced a feature to clear doubts – demo play. This has become a consistent fixture with many subsequent crash games, and for good reason. Aviator demo play is available on our review page, so you don’t need to look for it. It essentially recreates the real thing, allowing you to experience the game and try out features before committing real money to it. The demo game offers you $5000 in demo cash to try out your bets and perfect your strategy. It also incorporates many features found in the real game for you to try. These include Provably Fair testing, free bets feature, autoplay feature, and bet history feature. However, it excludes some other features, such as the community chat.

The gameplay of Aviator in demo mode

Provider Reputation

Let us depart from the game for a while to consider who is behind the game. That is soft speak for us switching temporarily from the game review to Spribe to determine their trustworthiness. Spribe is the gaming provider behind the Aviator casino game. The company is originally based in Georgia; with offices in Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, and Estonia. It was founded in November 2018, after which it launched Aviator as its flagship game in January 2019. It has launched 12 other games since, releasing them in two categories – Poker and Skill Games (P2P Games), and Turbo Games, under which Aviator falls.

In November 2018, the Aviator game founder landed its partnership with the biggest Georgian online casino, Adjarabet. It got its first game certification a year later, after which it has gotten an array of other certifications. The Aviator game owner has been certified by the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, the Gibraltar Gaming Commission, and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. It also has licenses in Greece, South Africa, Italy, Ukraine Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Colombia, Sweden, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, and Switzerland. This makes it 18 gaming supply licenses and RNG certificates in total, more than enough to build a level of trust in Spribe.

The list of some licenses and certificates of Spribe

Brief History of Aviator’s Creation

Two months after its full launch in 2018, Spribe sought to make a statement in the Georgian e-gaming industry and beyond by bringing the underground gaming concept to masses. This was going to be a game with new mechanics, increased rewards, and improved community interaction. The result of these dynamics birthed Aviator. While the market approached it with caution in view of the relatively unknown provider and untested gaming mechanics, the thrill and rewards it promised were too good to turn down for industry enthusiasts. Once players started getting a taste of the game, they never looked back. Reviews started pouring in from players on several third-party sites, with negativity few and far between.More casinos started hopping on the Aviator and crash train, and as they say, the rest is history.

Our flagship game Aviator is taking the industry by storm.
David Natroshvili
Founder and CEO at Spribe

Pros and Cons

Considering the fact that Aviator game is a trailblazer for the entire crash gaming niche, it is fair to say that the game has done something right. As a matter of fact, it has done many things right. To begin with, Aviator has amazing mechanics that is easy enough for anyone to grasp, yet good enough to inspire a niche modeled after it. A significant appeal the game offers is amazing financial variables that not only increase the chances of winning but also increase the amount winnable. Aviator is also fully verifiable with Provable Fair technology, which guarantees its fairness. Aviator’s provider (Spribe) is also renowned and trustworthy, boasting multiple certifications and licenses across 18 countries and 3 continents. The game’s design is optimized to beat many of the games popular in the industry at the time, and even many that came after its launch. Moreover, it offers a social community that improves the gaming experience, as well as free bet bonuses.

On the other hand, Aviator may not be able to compete with some subsequent crash games in terms of gaming features, graphics, and financial terms.


  • Above average RTP
  • Unique features like Aviarace Tournaments, Rain Promo, and Free Bets.
  • Available in both fiat anc crypto casinos


  • Relatively low max profit
  • In some casinos you can’t set the number of rounds in autobet mode

Design Choices and User Experience

Aviator, Spribe’s flagship game, offers a refreshing approach that appeals to the Millennial generation. Understanding their preference for social and mobile-first experiences, Aviator provides a unique and intuitive game that stands out in the iGaming market. The game’s mobile-first design ensures that players can enjoy Aviator seamlessly on their smartphones or tablets, aligning with their preferred devices. Its simple user interface and intuitive gameplay make it easy for new players to jump right in and enjoy the experience without any learning curve.

Aviator goes beyond traditional gaming by incorporating social elements. Through features like live chat, players can interact, form friendships, and share their experiences, creating a sense of community and enhancing the overall entertainment value. Spribe drew inspiration from the emerging crypto casino industry when developing Aviator. By refining the concept, making it mobile-responsive, and offering it to operators worldwide, they transformed an initially niche idea into a compelling game that has captivated players.

The start screen and the live chat of Aviator


We have entered the final paragraph of our review process. In all honesty, no agenda concerning crash gambling would be properly treated without discussing the Aviator game. The nostalgia and influence it holds over the niche and the iGaming industry as a whole cannot be overemphasized, and that is exactly why this Aviator game review is necessary – to peel back the layers of nostalgia and uncover Aviator for what it really is. And we have done just that. 

Aviator has proven to be a marvelous game based on its thrilling gameplay and superb graphical representation of the idea. The financial angles are extensive, including an above-average RTP, high multiplier/winning ceilings, and free bet offerings. Its background and fairness are highly verifiable with extensive licensing and Provably Fair technology. However, Aviator might not match up to more recent crash games in graphics, features, and RTPs. Who knows? The game might just need an update. If you are into more vivid graphics, you might find more recent games fascinating. But the verdict here is that Spribe’s Aviator remains a niche leader a thousand crash games later, and it is most likely good enough for you whatever your preferences are.


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Last Updated: July 16, 2023

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