Crash Gambling for Free: Simulators with Fake Money

Suppose you are actively conversant with the additions to the e-gaming space. In that case, crash gaming is probably a niche you are familiar with. It houses the most exciting games out there at the moment. It offers terrific mechanics, thrilling gameplay, high RTPs, and insane ROI – the complete package. Many are attracted to crash gaming for its exceptional financial detailing. Still, it is good enough to be played strictly for fun. Additionally, its relative newness in the industry means many players are still trying to get used to crash games. These are some of the reasons why crash gambling simulators are springing up.

Top 5 Free Crash Gambling Simulators

Crash gambling simulators are sites where you can free-play the best crash games. Whether you simply want a trial of the game or a whole gaming experience without risking real money, crash simulators are your go-to places. These sites usually host top crash games from their providers and operators, and you can play them on the go without needing to create an account. Some of the best crash games available for free play are contained below.


Developed by Spribe, Aviator could well be the most popular crash game in the world. The game features a red plane climbing up a curve against a dark backdrop that changes color as the plane goes higher. Demo play is supported by Spribe, with a $3000 portfolio for you to have fun. Many other sites host Aviator simulations from third-party casinos.


Jet X is another popular crash game developed by SmartSoft Gaming. It sports superb graphics, with a sophisticated jet taking off from an airport into the heights of outer space. The Jet X simulator is available on the SmartSoft Gaming site, where you have a technically unlimited amount of the “DMO” currency to have fun. It is also available at other sites and casinos, such as 1Win and Parimatch.


Aviatrix has a legitimate shout for the best graphics in a crash game. It also features several additional features, such as customizing your airplane and converting it to an NFT. It was developed by Aviatrix, and a simulation is available on the Aviatrix site. Several other sites, such as Casino Guru, also make it available for demo play from third-party casinos.

Space XY

Space XY is a simplistic yet appealing crash game developed by BGaming. The concept involves a 2D rocket traveling in a curved trajectory on a graph-like background. The simulation gives you a thousand “FUN ” to test out the game and is playable on the BGaming site. It is also available for demo play across several sites, such as and


Spaceman offers a unique variation to the crash gaming plot, having a space-themed superhero as the subject rather than the usual air or spacecraft. The game is developed by Pragmatic Play, and the giant provider lived up to its billing yet again with sublime visuals and seamless gameplay. The Spaceman simulation game is available on Pragmatic Play’s site with a demo balance of €1000 for free bets. You can also access it on a myriad of other third-party hosts.

Real Money vs. Fake Money in Crash Gambling

Crash gambling is popular across the e-gaming industry for the opportunities it offers to make real money. However, we have seen that several simulations and demo crash games exist for easy access as well. And as far as simulations go, they could pass off as the real thing. So you may wonder what exactly sets them apart. Well, we did too, and we pit real money and fake money crash gambling against each other to see where they differ.

Real Money Crash GamblingFake Money Crash Gambling
It is required to take place at a casino site.It can be hosted anywhere, since it requires no payouts.
You need to identify with the casino, either by signing up or linking a funding account.Needs absolutely no identification.
Involves betting, winning, and losing real money.Involves no real money.
Full game features are always made available.Fake money crash may limit some other features, such as player chats or real-time statistics.
It is usually eligible for relevant bonuses and campaigns.Does not usually support bonuses and campaigns.

Is It Possible to Win Real Money in a Crash Game?

Crash gambling works by multiplying your bet with the round’s multiplier, which is determined by if and when you cash out from the game. With an industry average of 10,000x max multiplier and 96% RTP, crash gaming offers attractive money-making opportunities. 

And while it may sound too good to be true, it is not. Players can rake in significant payouts from crash gaming. Many crash games support winnings of up to $250,000 and more for a single player per round, with smaller wins also very much possible. 

However, you should also note that other factors, such as casinos and regional availability, may affect your ability to win real money from crash games. As such, ensure you play real money crash games from supported regions and legit casinos.

It is worth noting that simulation crash games do not often reward players with real money. Since they are usually played with fake money, their winnings are also fake. 


Crash gambling, in typical fashion as crash games, is on a steady rise to the upper echelons of e-gaming. Unlike in crash games, however, the upward trajectory is not being interrupted any time soon. Whether you have a knack for bagging a colossal payout or just fancy the enthralling gameplay, there is no shortage of options for you to explore. One of those options is free crash games. These simulations are in relatively common supply for good reasons. Some equally good advice is for you to take advantage of them to the fullest – you might be on to a game-changing discovery (pun very much intended).


Victor Castillo

Gambling Expert 

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